Our CanTorque Products are exclusively designed & manufactured to provide the right tool for the right job.
It’s our passion to design, manufacture, and stock quality industrial torque wrenches and bolting tools that are among the best in the industry. Each of our product lines has been developed to exacting standards, and is designed to offer the ideal tool for any industrial application.

Our Product Line

At CanTorque we’re dedicated to providing the correct tool for your job. Our slogan is PROBLEM SOLVED. We're passionate about identifying and eliminating issues related to threaded fasteners.

It’s our mission to design, manufacture, and supply quality industrial torque wrenches, bolting tools and complimentary products that are amongst the best in the industry. Each of our product lines have been developed to exacting standards, and are designed to last a lifetime.


As leaders in quality design, manufacturing, and fabrication of bolting tools, CanTorque is looking for quality representatives and distributors to represent CanTorque and our products. Exclusive Territories are available.


Proudly Canadian, we offer a wide range of bolting tools and accessories to suit even the toughest job. From Torque Wrenches, multipliers, and pumps to sockets, flange maintenance and calibration tools. We have what you need.


Are your tools feeling a little wear and tear? Bring them in for a calibration and a little maintenance. We also offer tool rentals but if we don't have what you are looking for ask us about our custom tool engineering where we can design tools for your exact specifications.


If you need additional product information, specifications, how-to tutorials, and more check out our resources area. If you don't see what you're looking for, send us a message or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you find the information that you need.