CanTorque Race Report – June 4, 2020 – Jason Gregor Show

On this episode of the Race Report:

  • F1 releases their first 8 races for the 2020 season on their revised schedule, each with no audience present.
  • Does having no spectators at a racing event change the energy and mentality of the event?
  • Colin's take on NASCAR's plan to use the Nashville track in 2021, it's not just an oval anymore?
  • With racism being in focus of the public eye, how do we see these types of situations in motorsports?
  • IndyCar returns to the track in Texas this weekend, a new batch of rookies to take their first stab at track time.
  • Colin's take on the new IndyCar aero screen which debuts this weekend in the official race.

Check out the Race Report with CanTorque's Colin Livingston for June 4, 2020 on the Jason Gregor Show 28:08

Listen to the report here: Jason Gregor Show Podcast, June 4