CanTorque Race Report – October 8, 2020 – Jason Gregor Show

On this episode of the Race Report:

  • Raphaël Lessard has first time win in NASCAR trucks series at Talladega.
  • Alex Labbé falls behind in the Xfinity series.
  • Colin's take on the NASCAR playoffs, as Denny Hamlin wins in third overtime at Talladega.
  • Colin talks about the changes in venues in F1, with recurring venues and how are they chosen?
  • Honda Walks away from F1 Series. How and Why does a manufacturer choose to leave F1?
  • Luca Corberi and his father under investigation with FIA after brawl in Italy.

Check out the Race Report with CanTorque's Colin Livingston for October 8, 2020 on the Jason Gregor Show 21:10

Listen to the report here: Jason Gregor Show Podcast, October 8