VX-E Electric Torque Multiplier

About the VX-E Electric Torque Multiplier

VX-E Series torque multipliers for torques of 45-4790 Lbf/ft (imperial) or 60 Nm to 6,500 Nm (metric). The multipliers provide consistent torque accuracy in all international power supplies100-253 V/45-66 Hz.

The VX-E have precise shut-off torque at operation with voltage-controlled portable generators. These torque multipliers ensure low running costs with a maintenance-free, low-wear, brushless synchronous motor. The VX-E are permanently higher joint quality compared to ratchet torque tools by continuous rotation of the square drive. Simple 1-finger operation for quick, comfortable work with a 360 degree rotating handle ensuring comfortable operation and none of the reaction forces are transferred to the operator.


  • CE-certification
  • Repeat shut-off accuracy ± 3% for the same bolting application
  • Universal AC Input 100 V - 253 V, frequency 45 Hz - 66 Hz
  • Power max. 2000 W, protection category I
  • Humdity Protection class IP 54 (standard)


  • High-quality bolting according to the torque/angle procedure
  • Innovative motor protection with automatic switch-off to secure the bolting quality
  • Smart processor-controlled switchoff electronics for consistently precise reproduction of the pre-selected torque
  • Extraordinarily robust motor housing of cast aluminum

Technical Data

Imperial Sizes and Specifications

MODELTorque Range (approx. *Lbf/ft)Drive Size (B)Diameter (D2)Diameter (D3)Diameter (D1)LengthWeight w/o DMA (*lbs)Idle Speed (rpm)
VX-E 750110-7701"1.613.343.4612.9919.8423
VX-E 1100185-11001"2.123.343.4615.0322.0419
VX-E 1300220-13601"2.123.343.4615.0322.0414
VX-E 1800330-18001"2.123.343.4615.2724.2513
VX-E 2100367-21001"2.123.343.4615.2724.257.5
VX-E 2500445-25801"2.833.853.8515.7428.669
VX-E 3100550-31001 1/2"2.833.853.8515.7428.667
VX-E 3600725-36751 1/2"2.834.294.2915.9431.966
VX-E 4700975-47901 1/2"2.834.294.2916.9234.174

Metric Sizes and Specifications

MODELTorque Range (approx. *Nm)Drive Size (B)Diameter (D2)Diameter (D3)Diameter (D1)LengthWeight w/o DMA (*kg)Idle Speed (rpm)
VX-E 750150-10501"418588330923
VX-E 1100250-15001"5485883821019
VX-E 1300300-18501"5485883821014
VX-E 1800450-24501"5485883881113
VX-E 2100500-29001"548588388117.5
VX-E 2500600-35001"729898400139
VX-E 3100750-43001 1/2"729898406137
VX-E 3600980-5001 1/2"7210910940514.56
VX-E 47001250-65001 1/2"7210910943014.54


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