VX-M Series Manual Torque Multiplier Pneumatic Torque Wrench

About the VX-M Series Manual Torque Multiplier Pneumatic Torque Wrench

VX-M is built for energy independent precise tightening and loosening of heavy-duty bolt connections.

The VX-M hand torque multiplier ranges from 145-36,878 Lbf/ft (imperial) or 196-50,000 Nm (metric) making it the ideal torque tool in high explosion-risk areas.

This hand torque multiplier provides safe, economic, problem-free operation and replaces impact wrenches, pipe extensions and other less efficient methods.

The components of the VX-M gears are manufactured using a high-precision chipless process in order to ensure the highest possible operational demands with the lowest wear.


  • 3/4” internal square socket torque wrench or conventional  ratchets external hex socket SW 36 mm.
  • Handwheel for rough turning loose bolts and nuts.
  • VX-M torque multipliers are supplied with a reaction arm.


  • Maintenance-free, compact and robust design.
    Short assembly times.
  • Low energy input - high torque transfer.
  • Integrated anti wind-up ratchet allowing jobs to be performed efficiently and safely.
  • The shearing pin built into the drive shaft protects against input overload.

Technical Data

Imperial Sizes and Specifications

MODELInputTorque Up To (approx. *Lbf/ft)Drive Size (B)Reduction RatioDiameter (inch)Height (inch)Weight (lbs)
VX-M-R-36003/4"36851 1/2"183.859.8414.33
VX-M-R-44003/4"44251 1/2"204.2911.0215.43
VX-M-R-59003/4"59001 1/2"245.2311.0226.45
VX-M-R-84003/4"84801 1/2"286.8111.4161.72
VX-M-R-36K3/4"368782 1/2"18010.8214.17127.86

Metric Sizes and Specifications

MODELInputTorque Up To (approx. *Nm)Drive Size (B)Reduction RatioDiameter (mm)Height (mm)Weight (Kg)
VX-M-R-36003/4"50001 1/2"18982506.5
VX-M-R-44003/4"60001 1/2"201092807
VX-M-R-59003/4"80001 1/2"2413328012
VX-M-R-84003/4"115001 1/2"2817029028
VX-M-R-36K3/4"500002 1/2"18027536058


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