VX Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench

About the VX Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench

  • Robust cast aluminum motor housing with proven pneumatic drive
  • Proven high-performance gears, produced in a chip-free high-precision process to produce high loads with low wear.
  • On demand with optional silencer levels to reduce the noise from the motor exhaust.
  • 360 degree rotating handle ensures comfortable operation and reaction forces not transferred to the operator.
  • High joint quality compared to impact/hydraulic wrenches by continually rotating bolting.
  • One finger operation for right/left rotation, optional facility to enable the reaction to be locked in one position.


  • For best operation, Vortex wrenches require an air supply capable of 80psi and airflow of 30 CFM.
  • The torque accuracy depends on the stability of the supply system.
  • The torque control of the pneumatic CanTorque® torque multiplier takes place via the air supply or pressure regulator of the FRL Unit.


  • Complete with filter, regulator and lubricator (FRL)
  • Weldable rings and straight reaction arms are available separately.

Technical Data

Imperial Sizes and Specifications

MODELTorque Range (approx. *Lbf/ft)Drive Size (B)Diameter (D2)Diameter (D3)Diameter (D1)LengthWeight w/o DMA (*lbs)Idle Speed (rpm)
VX 10050-1703/4"1.613.343.4610.031360
VX 350120-3703/4"1.613.343.4610.031327
VX 650220-6603/4"1.613.343.4610.821519
VX 1100365-10703/4"1.613.343.4610.82159
VX 1400480-14001"2.123.343.4611.81157
VX 2000671-19691"2.123.343.4611.18195
VX 2500870-25511"2.123.343.4611.81194
VX 33001098-32301 1/2"2.833.853.8512.59223
VX 45001534-45101 1/2"2.834.294.2913.77292
VX 56001925-56791 1/2"2.835.234.2313.77331.5
VX 72002433-72281 1/2"3.586.816.8114.59551

Metric Sizes and Specifications

MODELTorque Range (approx. *Nm)Drive Size (B)Diameter (D2)Diameter (D3)Diameter (D1)LengthWeight w/o DMA (*kg)Idle Speed (rpm)
VX 1007-=2303/4"418588255660
VX 350160-5003/4"418588255627
VX 650300-9003/4"418588275719
VX 1100495-14503/4"41858827579
VX 1400650-19001"54858830077
VX 2000900-27001"5485883008.55
VX 25001200-35001"5485883008.54
VX 33001500-44001 1/2"72989832010.53
VX 45002100-61001 1/2"72109109350132
VX 56002600-77001 1/2"72133133350151.5
VX 72003300-98001 1/2"91173172370251


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