112" 2pc Inhex Imperial Sockets

About Cantorque's 112" 2pc Inhex Imperial Sockets

Product Overview

The exceptional strength of our sockets often makes them the preferred choice of hydraulic bolting specialists.

Our sockets prove their value. They are guaranteed for hydraulic bolting jobs as well as for large impact wrenches. CanTorque offers the largest line of sockets for the heaviest bolting applications in construction, plant maintenance, power generation, shipbuilding, and refining.

If we don't have a standard socket to match your application, we’ll custom design one for you.

Inhex Socket Size Guide


112" 2pc Inhex Imperial Sockets

Part NumberSizeD1D2LTCWeight
2418V1 1/83.3854.5270.9445.732
2420V1 1/43.3854.6451.0625.732
2422V1 3/83.3854.7631.1816.172
2424V1 1/23.3854.8421.2596.172
2426V1 5/83.3855.0001.4177.495
2428V1 3/43.3855.0781.4967.495
2429V1 13/163.3855.1961.6147.760
2430V1 7/83.3855.3931.81110.361
2434V2 1/83.3855.7482.16511.243


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