1" 12pt Square Drive Imperial Sockets

About CanTorque's 1" 12pt Square Drive Imperial Sockets

Product Overview

The exceptional strength of our sockets often makes them the preferred choice of hydraulic bolting specialists.

Our sockets prove their value. They are guaranteed for hydraulic bolting jobs as well as for large impact wrenches. CanTorque offers the largest line of sockets for the heaviest bolting applications in construction, plant maintenance, power generation, shipbuilding, and refining.

If we don't have a standard socket to match your application, we’ll custom design one for you.

Square Drive Socket Size Guide


1" 12pt Square Drive Imperial Sockets

Part NumberSizeD1D2LTWeight
1613DH2 1/61.4962.1252.1650.4331.322
1617DH1 1/161.8112.1252.1650.5111.322
1618DH1 1/81.8892.1252.2440.6491.388
1619DH1 3/161.9682.1252.2440.6491.388
1620DH1 1/42.0072.1252.2440.6691.388
1621DH1 5/162.1252.1252.3620.7481.433
1622DH1 3/82.1252.1252.3620.7481.433
1623DH1 7/162.1252.1252.3620.7481.433
1624DH1 1/22.3622.1252.5190.8661.675
1625DH1 9/162.3622.1252.5190.8661.675
1626DH1 5/82.4802.1252.5190.8661.763
1627DH1 11/162.6372.1252.7160.9842.094
1628DH1 3/42.7552.1252.7161.0032.204
1629DH1 13/162.7552.1252.7161.0032.204
1630DH1 7/82.7552.1252.8341.0622.204
1631DH1 15/162.8742.1252.8341.0622.380
1633DH2 1/163.0702.1252.9921.1812.733
1634DH2 1/83.2282.1252.9921.1813.086
1635DH2 3/163.2282.1253.1491.2593.086
1636DH2 1/43.2282.1253.1491.2993.086
1637DH2 5/163.3852.1253.2281.2993.306
1638DH2 3/83.3852.1253.3461.3773.306
1639DH2 7/163.6222.1253.3461.3773.968
1640DH2 1/23.6222.1253.3461.3773.968
1641DH2 9/163.6222.1253.3461.3773.968
1642DH2 5/83.6222.1253.4641.4963.968
1643DH2 11/163.7792.1253.4641.4963.968
1644DH2 3/43.7792.1253.4641.4963.968
1645DH2 13/163.9373.3853.6221.5745.952
1646DH2 7/83.9373.3853.6221.6145.952
1647DH2 15/163.9373.3853.6221.6145.952
1649DH3 1/164.1333.3853.8181.7327.054
1650DH3 1/84.1333.3853.8181.7327.054
1651DH3 3/164.2913.3853.9371.8507.054
1652DH3 1/44.2913.3853.9371.8507.054
1653DH3 5/164.2913.3853.9371.8507.054
1654DH3 3/84.5273.3854.0941.9297.160
1655DH3 7/164.7633.3854.0941.9299.083
1656DH3 1/84.7633.3854.0941.9299.083
1657DH3 9/165.0003.3854.0941.9489.700
1658DH3 5/85.1183.3854.0941.92910.361
1659DH3 11/165.1183.3854.0941.92910.361
1660DH3 3/45.3143.3854.1731.92911.464
1661DH3 13/165.3143.3854.4092.12511.464
1662DH3 7/85.3143.3854.4092.12511.464
1663DH3 15/165.3143.3854.4092.12511.464
1665DH4 1/165.5115.0004.4092.12512.125
1666DH4 1/85.7085.0004.4092.12516.975
1667DH4 3/165.7085.0004.8032.44017.857
1668DH4 1/45.7085.0004.8032.44017.857
1669DH4 5/165.9055.0004.8032.44018.077
1670DH4 3/85.9055.0004.8032.44018.077
1671DH4 7/165.9055.0004.8032.44019.973
1672DH4 1/25.9055.0004.8032.44019.973


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