1" Square Drive Adaptors

1" Square Drive Adaptors

Part NumberSize FemaleSize MaleDescriptionD1D2L (inch)
A162411 1/2Adaptor3.35
A16951#5 SplineAdaptor4.33
AN1612Double Ended Female Adaptor13/42.48
AN1616Double Ended Female Adaptor112.32
AN2416Double Ended Female Adaptor11 1/23.27
U1616Universal Joint4.25
S1603Double Ended Male Adaptor1.303.00
S1604Double Ended Male Adaptor1.304.00
S1605Double Ended Male Adaptor1.305.00
S1606Double Ended Male Adaptor1.306.00
S1607Double Ended Male Adaptor1.307.00
S1610Double Ended Male Adaptor1.3010.00
S1613Double Ended Male Adaptor1.3013.00
S1615Double Ended Male Adaptor1.3015.00
S1616Double Ended Male Adaptor1.3016.00
S1617Double Ended Male Adaptor1.3017.00


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