CanTorque's Story

When founder Colin Livingston was growing up, he was fascinated whenever he passed a refinery or other industrial operation. He stood in awe of the huge machines with teams of engineers and maintenance people busily supporting them and wondered how everything worked together. This curiosity led him to think deeply about what problems these giant machines were solving...

Founded in 2000 in a meagre 40 sq. ft. section of garage, CanTorque now boasts a 12,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art warehouse and development centre with a bold and progressive styling. We call it “The Shop”. On top of carrying a massive inventory, The Shop has been a facility geared around never-ending innovation and quality product development. We have invested countless hours and millions of dollars in pushing the boundaries of torqueing tool design and manufacturing, and creating strong bonds with referral partners and distributors.

At CanTorque, our motto is "Problem Solved". The most important part of our business is understanding the problem our customers face and coming up with a carefully considered, individually tailored solution. When you call and speak with us, you might even feel like we are grilling you for information, but rest assured that this is because of the number of factors we need to understand in order to conceptualize the problem and provide the best possible solution. We’ll always be honest as we take the time to fully understand your situation.

Our way of doing business has contributed to the great success we experience today and we couldn’t be more proud of the work we do and our ability to solve even the most difficult problems. Give us a call and let us bring our trusted products and service to your project!

Proudly Canadian


For over 20 years CanTorque has been supplying Western Canada with the finest torque wrenches and growing our presence in the international market. The tools we manufacture are proudly produced here at home in Alberta, in fact when it comes to hydraulic torque wrenches, we’re the only company that manufactures right here in Canada.


CanTorque Values

  1. We follow through on our promises
  2. We make decisions based on right and wrong first, and profit second
  3. We stand behind our commitments

We Care

We care about our clients and we care about our tools. But we don’t just say we care, we prove it by how we operate. Here’s the proof:

Calibration comes standard: Every tool we sell, rent or manufacture, comes out of our store tested and fully calibrated to spec.

We offer tool demos and training: We want every tool that bears our name to be used properly so we offer free customer demonstrations of our tools as well as low-cost training sessions if required.

Our tools come in ultra-strong cases: High-quality tools deserve high-quality protection for transportation and storage. All of the wrenches we sell or rent are delivered in high-end, durable cases.

No-downtime guarantee: We go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of our customers by covering each and every wrench we sell – over their entire lifespan. If our wrenches fail for any reason, we will provide you with a no-cost replacement rental for as long as it takes to get your tool back up and running.