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Canada's Leading Industrial Tool Experts

The right equipment and tools for your project are critical to your success.

CanTorque Inc. provides access to an exceptional range of hydraulic torque wrenches in Alberta, and across Canada, providing high level support to the oil, railroad, and steel industries.

Our focus is on quality delivered with our industry leading customer service in order to facilitate a smoother workflow for your business.

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Cantorque Edmonton

Our Product Line

At CanTorque we’re dedicated to providing the correct tool for your job. Our slogan is PROBLEM SOLVED. We're passionate about identifying and eliminating issues related to threaded fasteners.

It’s our mission to design, manufacture, and supply quality industrial torque wrenches, bolting tools and complimentary products that are amongst the best in the industry. Each of our product lines have been developed to exacting standards, and are designed to last a lifetime.


As leaders in quality design, manufacturing, and fabrication of bolting tools, CanTorque is looking for quality representatives and distributors to represent CanTorque and our products. Exclusive Territories are available.