Tool Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

We are industry leaders in providing custom bolting tool solutions around the world. At CanTorque, we know that off-the-shelf doesn’t always work for every project.

Our tool design and engineering teams have extensive field knowledge that helps us design tools for any size and unique bolting tool project.

Our mission is always the same: to bring you a solution to your unique project. At CanTorque, we’re confident that our expertise can knowledgeably speak to any challenge – and if there’s a solution to be found, we’re confident that we can find it.

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Our tools are specifically designed to accomplish the tasks that they were assigned for. Sometimes, your job might have a special requirement. We can take any of our existing tools and design a solution to work for your application. Ask how our engineering and design process can make our tools work better for the job that you need.


We can design special attachments, fixtures or custom reaction devices for your tools. Working within the originally intended design, our team will retrofit your tool specifically for your application. Do you need a thing to do another thing a little differently? Ask Colin about this.


CanTorque has a large inventory of tools to select from. We have a tool for any job that you need completed. From Torque wrenches, multipliers, sockets, pumps, and accessories, to flange maintenance, and calibration tools that you can use on site and in the field.


Proudly Canadian, we offer a wide range of bolting tools and accessories to suit even the toughest job. From Torque Wrenches, multipliers, and pumps to sockets, flange maintenance and calibration tools. We have what you need.


Are your tools feeling a little wear and tear? Bring them in for a calibration and a little maintenance. We also offer tool rentals but if we don't have what you are looking for ask us about our custom tool engineering where we can design tools for your exact specifications.


If you need additional product information, specifications, how-to tutorials, and more check out our resources area. If you don't see what you're looking for, send us a message or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you find the information that you need.