CanTorque™ only works with manufactures that are true innovators and leaders in their respective field. We inventory more bolting products and offer more in-house services than any other company; saving you time and money.

Product and Application Knowledge
Our factory-trained and field tested staff has the product and application knowledge needed to provide you with recommendations and alternatives for your unique tooling needs. Through the provision of complimentary onsite demonstrations, we provide you with hands-on decision making options where the value of our comprehensive product lines are proven prior to purchase or rental.

After Sale Product Support
These days it seems that most companies view closing the sale as the final step in the sales process. We see it as really where our sales cycle begins. Our after sale product support is the basis for our solid repeat customer development. At CanTorque™, we distinguish ourselves from competitors and create a distinct advantage for our existing and new clients. We focus on loyalty to our customers that transcends the rapid product lifecycle changes created by new torque technology. We have implemented an effective product program that others may attempt to imitate, but will never duplicate.



Boasting the one the largest rental inventories of torque tools in the world, CanTorque has what you need, when you need it. Simply having the tool you need is only the first step. We can also provide outstanding product knowledge, onsite training on the operation, and maintenance of the systems. For the most difficult applications, we can build custom tools and accessories to ensure that your project or shutdown is done right and on time. If that’s not enough we thoroughly inspect, service and recalibrate every tool after each rental, we ship our products in custom fabricated cases with laminated operation manuals to ensure your products arrive in working order and ready to go! This is all included in our already competitive Rental Rates.

Our current inventory includes:

  • Cantorque Hydraulic Stud Tensioners for 5/8” – 4” Studs
  • CanTorque CT Series Hydraulic Wrenches ¾” – 2 ½” Drive and 127-58,800 Lbf/ft
  • CanTorque RT Series Hydraulic Wrenches ¾” – 5 3/8” a/f 45-47,380 Lbf/ft
  • CanTorque Pneumatic Wrenches ¾” – 1 ½” Drive 120-6000 Lbf/ft
  • Equalizer Flange Alignment and Spreading Systems
  • Impact Sockets ½” – 2 ½” Drive and up to 6 1/8”


You made a significant investment in torquing tools; shouldn’t they be accurate?

As a leader in the bolting industry we at CanTorque™ believe strongly in total product support. Calibration and certification of torque tools is a major part of that commitment. Torque tools are precision instruments but through daily use and wear and tear can lose their accuracy. Calibrating and Certifying on a regular basis is your assurance that your instrument remains accurate.

We are continually expanding our range and utilize the latest calibration equipment technology. Our certification service documents information such as the tool's readings at multiple check points, the tool's next scheduled calibration, the temperature at which the tool was calibrated and much more. We recently achieved ISO 9001 certification improving the standards that facilitate our commitment to maintain a state-of-the-art environment. Our calibration laboratory is environmentally controlled and hermetically sealed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are dedicated to providing our clients the best service available at the lowest possible cost.

Do your tools operate in a rough environment? No problem. Our staff is fully trained to disassemble, inspect, clean and repair virtually any torque tool that has ever been produced!

The fastest turnaround, ultimate accuracy, affordable repairs and unprecedented after sales support are the foundation on which our calibration laboratory is built.

We calibrate all makes and types of torque tools including but not limited to:

  • Hydraulic torque wrenches
    CanTorque, TorcUP, Hytorc, Sweeney, Etc
  • Pneumtic torque wrenches
    CanTorque, TorcUP, RAD, Norbar, Plarad
  • Torque Multipliers
    CanTorque, Proto, X4, James Morton, SnapOn, Sweeney
  • Hand Torque Wrenches
    CanTorque, CDI, Proto, SnapOn, Armstrong, Norbar, Mac, Precision Instruments, Jet, Westward
  • Torque Screwdrivers, All Makes and Models


Repair shop:

  • Air impact tools
  • Air drills, die grinders, polishers & sanders
  • Hydraulic cylinders & cylinder pumps
  • Mechanical torque tools & torque multipliers