You’ve got the tool you want, now you want to be sure it’s working at its stated capacity, but that’s not always a simple task. Each type of wrench requires a different framework for calibration. CanTorque offers equipment that can accurately calibrate any type of wrench and do so on a large range scale and to exacting standards. CanTorque calibration equipment can cover a range from 5 in/oz to over 100,000 ft/lbs, and everything in between. No matter the type of wrench, and regardless of whether you’re running a standard or custom system, trust CanTorque to offer effective calibration equipment solutions.


Looking for more information about CanTorque's products or need some support? Head on over to our resources section whwe we can provide you with additional product catelogues, operation manuals, and tool related technical support.


Proudly Canadian, we offer a wide range of bolting tool products and accesstories to suit even the toughest job. Torque it easy with CanTorque!


Are your tools fealing a little ware and tear? Bring them in for a calibration and a little maintenance. We also offer tool rentals and custom tool engineering for specific jobs.

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