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CT Series

CT Series
Torque Wrench

CanTorque’s CT series of hydraulic bolting tools is built to overcome. A steady workhorse, the CT Series is perfect blend of flexible and durable. The CT Series has an innovative design that is exclusive to CanTorque, featuring square drive with optomized geometry, a redesigned easy-off reaction arm fixture, and super-efficient oil circulation. Bolting projects have their share of challenges – let the CT Series demonstrate how it can rise to meet them.


  • Magnetically attached reaction arm

    CanTorque is the first to envision and implement this revolutionary attachment means

  • Housing & reaction arm made from lightweight & strong aircraft quality alloy

    Components that can bear extreme loads

  • All components CNC machined

    Maximum precision and ultimate quality

  • Multi Axis Swivels

    Swivels allow individual movement of duplex hoses across all applications

  • Positive engagement ratchet

    Tool will always release-will never lock on

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