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RT Series

RT Series Hydraulic
Torque Wrench

CanTorque’s Razor Torque (RT) Series fits in places that other hydraulic bolting tools can’t. The RT Series has been redesigned from the ground up, both hydraulically and mechanically, to be not only more compact, but also better sealed, better circulating, more ductile, and boasting a modular design that increases efficiency in performing service on the units. The result is that the ground-breaking design of CanTorque’s RT Series wrenches has achieved the impressive trifecta of lighter, faster, and stronger.

  • Hydraulic Actuator

    Bimetallic combination of steel and aluminum. Reduced weight, increased speed and maximized service interval

  • Wrenches

    High grade, aerospace steel. Simple design makes maintenance effortless

  • Round Cylinder

    Straighforward cylinder design for maximum efficiency and longest term operation

  • Swivels or Hoses

    You know what works best for your application, we're happy to provide what you need

  • Multi-Component Piston

    Our piston is designed for long life but can also be repaired and replaced quickly and affordably

  • Positive Engagement Ratchet Assembly

    Ratchet and Segment teeth maximize surface area providing the strongest combination available

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