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The CanTorque Story

Solving Problems, 
Building Success

When you work with us, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of, whether it’s rentals, calibration, repair & maintenance, or getting custom tools

About Colin Livingston

Hello and welcome to the newly improved, my name is Colin Livingston and I’m the founder of CanTorque.

Our tools are the focus of the site but I think that it’s also important for you to know a little bit about me. Equally important is that you know these are my own words, written by me.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta but my family moved to Stony Plain in 1975.  Stony Plain is located about 25 km west of Edmonton which is Alberta’s capital city. Stony’s population in 1975 was 1200, today it’s over 15,000.

I attended Meridian Heights elementary school from K-7, Stony Plain Jr. High for 8&9 and then Memorial Composite High School for 10-12.

As a kid we lived in 3 homes, all within a few blocks of each other. I lived in Stony until 1996 and moved back to Stony in 2005 and stayed in the area until 2021 when I relocated into Edmonton.

My career in the bolting industry started in 1994 when I was invited on a fishing trip by my Uncle Ed (technically he was an uncle-in-law but I digress). Uncle Ed was operating a company called Bolt Tensioning Canada Ltd. (BTC). BTC was a field service company that provided torquing and tensioning services for the local plants and mines.

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Our Story

Founded very unexpectedly on October 26th, 2000 after Colin discovered that he’d been fired.

Getting fired is news that no-one wants to hear, especially someone that had a 12 month old son, new mortgage and, now, no income. Colin didn’t lick his wounds long.

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CanTorque Founded


Purchased Current Headquarters


Celebrated as 5th Largest Distributor in the World


Celebrated as 3rd Largest Distributor in the World


Celebrated as 2nd Largest Distributor in the World


Initiated CanTorque Manufacturing Program


First Wrenches Enter Service


Wrench Production Up to 20,000 Lbf/ft


CanTorque Appoints First International Distributor


Distribution Partners in Europe, Middle East and Asia


Secured Largest Single Order of $675,000.00


Celebrated 20th Anniversary


CanTorque Debuts Magnetically Attached Reaction Arm in CT Series

Our Future

Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges

As CanTorque continues to evolve and grow, our commitment to solving problems and delivering excellence remains unwavering.

Looking ahead, we are determined to embrace the future with a focus on innovation, adaptability, and anticipating the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

As new industries emerge and existing ones transform, we will adapt and expand our product offerings to cater to a wider range of applications and bolting needs.
Our commitment to research and development will remain strong, allowing us to introduce cutting-edge technologies and solutions that drive efficiency, safety, and productivity for our customers.