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At CanTorque, we pride ourselves in our customer service and our ability to understand customer project-specific needs and achieve solutions that others may not be able to.

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Our factory-trained and field tested staff have the product and application knowledge needed to provide you with recommendations and alternatives to your unique torque needs. Through the provision of complimentary onsite demonstrations (on all products), we provide you with hands-on decision making options where the value of our comprehensive product lines are proven prior to purchase or rental.

Our after-sale product support is the basis for our solid repeat customer development.

At CanTorque™, we distinguish ourselves from competitors and create a distinct advantage for our existing and new clients. We focus on loyalty to our customers that transcends the rapid product lifecycle changes created by new torque technology.

We have implemented an effective product program that others may attempt to imitate, but will never duplicate.

CanTorque™ strongly believes that providing the right solution for your situation is the cornerstone of building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


As leaders in quality design, manufacturing, and fabrication of bolting tools, CanTorque is looking for quality representatives and distributors to represent CanTorque and our products. Exclusive Territories are available.