CTAS-RTRY Series Test Stands

About the CTAS-RTRY Series Test Stands

The CTAS-RTRY Series Test Stands are designed for the testing of powered torque multipliers, i.e. tools that have a continuous rotating output shaft and are therefore usually tested with a rundown fixture. System accuracy is ±0.5% of indicated reading, top 95% of range, which satisfies metrology lab requirements, while the robust features of these stands enables use in the harshest environments.

Intellect Series Transducers

The standard transducers embedded within the test stand are Intellect, (“plug and play”), self-recognizing to the display instrument. The torque ranges available are from the smallest capacity and footprint (8” x 8” 25-500 Lbf/ft imperial or 203mm x 203mm / 33-677Nm metric) up to our largest heavy duty test stand (14” x 19” 750-7,500 Lbf/ft imperial or 355mm x 482mm / 1016-10,168Nm metric).

Rotary Tool Testing

Powered multipliers incorporate a rundown fixture and usually have more distance in height between reaction arm and transducer which requires a bearing collar for minimizing the effects of side loading of the transducer, as illustrated on the left side of the above image. All rundown fixtures are sized appropriately for the capacity of the test stand.

Product Features


  • Accurate and durable.
  • Steel reaction posts inserted into drill bushings or custom reaction plates for flexible torque reaction points.
  • Test stand is internally torque accepting and does not require bolting.
  • Standard configuration supplied with internal torque display.
  • Includes collar and bushing to minimize effects of side load on transducer.

Accuracy: +/-.5% bidirectional
Engineering Units: Ozf/in, Lbf/in, Lbf/ft, Nm, cNm, KgfCm, gfCm, Kgfm
Modes: Track, Peak, or First Peak
Plate: Solid Machined Aluminum
Batteries: Rechargeable NiMH (10-12 hrs continuous use)
Weight: Model Dependent
Display: Segmented, Four Active Digits with menus

CTAS-RTRY Test Stand Products

MODELCAPACITY (imperial)CAPACITY (metric)DRIVE SIZESIZE (inches)SIZE (metric)WEIGHT (lbs)WEIGHT (kg)
CTAS-RTRY-1K100013551 1/2"8 x 8 14203 x 203 x 355156.8
CTAS-RTRY-2.5K250033891 1/2"12 x 12 x 14304 x 304 x 355209.0
CTAS-RTRY-5K500067791 1/2"12 x 12 x 14304 x 304 x 355209.0
CTAS-RTRY-7.5K7500101681 1/2"12 x 12 x 14304 x 304 x 3552511.3

CTAS-RTRY Heavy Duty Test Stand Products

MODELCAPACITY (imperial)CAPACITY (metric)DRIVE SIZESIZE (inches)SIZE (metric)WEIGHT (lbs)WEIGHT (kg)
CTAS-RTRYW-1K100013551 1/2"14 x 19 x 14355 x 482 x 2555022.6
CTAS-RTRYW-2.5K250033891 1/2"14 x 19 x 14355 x 482 x 2555022.6
CTAS-RTRYW-5K500067791 1/2"14 x 19 x 14355 x 482 x 2555022.6
CTAS-RTRYW-7.5K7500101681 1/2"14 x 19 x 14355 x 482 x 2555022.6


CTAS-DISPLAY-SMPortable torque analyzer
CTAS-DISPLAY-T7Torque analyzer display (7" / 177mm) digital touch screen, requires digital transducers
CTAS-DISPLAY-T10Torque analyzer display (10" / 254mm) digital touch screen, requires digital transducers


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