CanTorque’s Emergency Response to Adversity

We all face adversity at some point. How we respond defines who we are as people and the same can be said for corporations. We may feel like we’re on our own but right now we’re all in this pandemic together.

The COVID-19 outbreak has shown the best as well as the worst in people. Both alternatives motivate me to become better. I see so many positive and heartwarming examples: people buying meals to donate to front line workers, delivery companies offering free services for people in isolation and I’ve personally experienced companies like Air Canada allowing cancellations without fees.

Profiteering and Hoarding

Hearing about people hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer makes me shake my head. Costco established separate lines for people who were purchasing toilet paper and reports were that people stood in line outside in the cold for over an hour-to me this is crazy! People boasting about how they’ve made in excess of $100,000.00 by profiteering infuriates me. How can people be so selfish? I am encouraged to see that the province of Ontario enacting measures to bring criminal charges to those who attempt to exploit people during this crisis.

In many industries it is accepted practice to adjust prices based on urgency. When suppliers realize that their product or service is in short supply they will raise the prices up until customers say no.

In a past life I worked for an industrial supply company. We would sell a 4″ 150# raised face A105 blind flange for $4.00/ea. One day we noticed that many of our competitors were calling us for availability showing us that supply was running low; suddenly the $4.00 flange was selling for over $30.00 and customers kept purchasing until our inventory was depleted. This was in 1995, I had never seen this before and although I’ve accepted that this is the way some industries work I cannot bring myself to follow suit.

Price is usually the function of supply vs. demand. I’m proud to say that we’ve never followed this practice; without divulging too much, our pricing is mostly built up from our cost. Regardless of how important a project is we don’t ever raise our prices. Our way to respond to this crisis is to support the critical industries that help our country work.

Discounts for all Canadian Essential Service Customers

If you are a Utility, Power Generator, Petrochemical Plant, or any other Vital Industry in Canada we will extend you a discount on any sale or rental during the pandemic. You have work needs to be completed-we want to help you along the way and demonstrate that we can be a partner in your bolting program and save you money along the way.






















If you are on the front lines and can use our support, we are here to help!