It’s Been Great To Be Able To Stay Active

We’ve been very fortunate to be able to stay busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the drastic slowdown in Canada’s industrial sector our customers have been keeping us busy.









This RT-32 went out to a local customer last week to help them with some 5 3/8″ nuts. Every tool that we sell or rent gets calibrated and certified prior to shipping.  We also fully function test every component to ensure that things will work out of the box. 














You’re using a Hydraulic Wrench to ensure that your job is done simply, efficiently and accurately. Did you know that no two Hydraulic Wrenches are the same? Within identical models from the same production run there will be variations that will affect the output of the Hydraulic Actuator. Once the Acutator is combined with the Wrench, the output will vary again. Over time the output can change as well as components wear out or, in many cases, improve and we see the output increase.




This tool and pump passed every item on the checklist and went to the customer where it successfully assembled multiple flanges for Hydro Testing before disassembly to ship to their customer somewhere in the world.



















This looks like it could be a gear stage from a VX-100000 100,000 Lbf/ft nutrunner but that wrench doesn’t exist….yet

As a rule CanTorque doesn’t provide field services.  But as the saying goes: all rules were meant to be broken.

This gear assembly was sent by a local customer who needed the 4 bolts removed so that they could inspect, repair and service the components.

It was easy work for our RT-2 Hydraulic Actuator and 7/8″ Wrench.  Our redesigned TE-1000 is much smaller and runs very quietly with great fluid flow; a very nice pump.
















We also had the chance to help one of our customers assemble their Blow Out Preventor (BOP) prior to pressure testing.  RT-4 w/ 2 3/8″ wrench got these 1 1/2″ studs tight in a fraction of the time of their existing system.

“No matter how many times I run this wrench I can’t get over how fast it is”