Should You Consider Renting Tools?

Renting tools can help you save money, access new technology, and address infrequent applications. It can also reduce clutter in your tool crib. In many cases, tools are only needed if you have to complete unexpected repairs or maintenance. Unless your bolting tools are required on a regular basis rental can be far more affordable long term as rental costs are typically deductible where purchased tools are required to be capitalized.

Reasons why you may consider renting tools.

Access to High-Quality Tools

When you rent tools from CanTorque, you will be supplied with high quality equipment. Our rental tools are always tested and calibrated prior to shipping to ensure everything works 100% from the time it is pulled out of the box. You can also request a tutorial from the us to ensure you learn how to properly use the tools from an expert.

Test Before Buying

Getting to see tools during a demonstration is a good start but until you subject tools to the multitude of applications in your operation you won’t fully appreciate where tools are strong or weak. You may find that a particular tool works perfectly on 85% of your applications, renting a tool for the other 15% may make more sense. Renting tools allows you to fully test them in many scenarios before making the investment.


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