Ed H.

I want to express my sincere thanks for the expedient service I received during our recent plant shutdown. Before purchasing our Hydraulic Wrench I asked: what service do you provide in the event something goes wrong with our equipment?

Without hesitation you explained to me that CanTorque will provide complimentary loaner equipment should ours fail for any reason, at any time.

During the early stage of our shutdown, we experienced an issue with our pump motor. Fearing that we would not be able to complete our shutdown on schedule I remembered your bold offer of support at the time of purchase.

I did not hesitate to call CanTorque. After listening to me explain the issue you responded that you would immediately package up a unit for shipping to us and requested that we send ours to you to have it checked out.

Surely enough the loner unit arrived the next clay for us to use until you repaired my unit.

Our unit was repaired and returned very quickly, all at no charge.

I appreciate the service and the fact that your words matched your actions.

I look forward to working with your company in the future.