The Importance of Tool Calibration

Tool calibration involves determining whether a tool is measuring and performing as it is intended. If a tool is not performing properly adjustments can be made to bring it back into specification. When tools are not inspected on a regular basis it is impossible to know if a tool is giving an accurate output. This in turn will have a negative impact on whatever is being assembled or repaired.

Here are a few reasons why tool calibration is important.

Accurate Output

When a tool is out of spec, it can’t perform a task accurately. Industries such as petroleum production, power generation, mining, pipelines or transportation can’t risk having tools with inaccurate output. Any inaccuracy can lead to premature wear or even catastrophic failure, which amplifies the importance of tool calibration.

Better Quality Products

When using tools to manufacture products, ensuring top quality is paramount. Any product defects or noncompliances can drastically affect a product’s quality. Sometimes these product defects can happen from a minor measurement error. Having tools calibrated will reduce the chances that products will have quality failures. It will also enhance customer satisfaction.

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