112" 12pt Square Drive Imperial Sockets

About CanTorque's 112" 12pt Square Drive Imperial Sockets

Product Overview

The exceptional strength of our sockets often makes them the preferred choice of hydraulic bolting specialists.

Our sockets prove their value. They are guaranteed for hydraulic bolting jobs as well as for large impact wrenches. CanTorque offers the largest line of sockets for the heaviest bolting applications in construction, plant maintenance, power generation, shipbuilding, and refining.

If we don't have a standard socket to match your application, we’ll custom design one for you.

Square Drive Socket Size Guide


112" 12pt Square Drive Imperial Sockets

Part NumberSizeD1D2LTWeight
2421DH1 5/62.3623.3852.9520.7483.968
2422DH1 3/82.3623.3852.9520.7483.968
2423DH1 7/162.5193.3853.1490.7484.850
2424DH1 1/22.5193.3853.1490.8664.850
2425DH1 9/162.7553.3853.1490.8664.850
2426DH1 5/82.7553.3853.1490.8664.850
2427DH1 11/162.9523.3853.1490.9844.850
2428DH1 3/42.9523.3853.1491.0034.850
2429DH1 13/162.9523.3853.1491.0035.070
2430DH1 7/83.1493.3853.2281.0625.070
2431DH1 15/163.1493.3853.2281.0625.070
2433DH2 1/163.3853.3853.5031.1815.511
2434DH2 1/83.3853.3853.5031.1815.511
2435DH2 3/163.3853.3853.5031.2595.511
2436DH2 1/43.3853.3853.6221.2795.511
2437DH2 5/163.3853.3853.6221.2996.172
2438DH2 3/83.6223.3853.6221.3776.172
2439DH2 7/163.6223.3853.7791.3777.054
2440DH2 1/23.7793.3853.7791.3777.385
2441DH2 9/163.9373.3853.7791.3777.385
2442DH2 5/83.9373.3853.9761.4967.385
2444DH2 3/43.9373.3853.9761.4967.936
2445DH2 13/164.1333.3854.1331.7328.598
2446DH2 7/84.1333.3853.9761.7328.598
2447DH2 15/164.1333.3853.9761.7328.598
2450DH3 1/84.5273.3854.3301.7329.920
2451DH3 3/164.7633.3854.5661.85011.243
2452DH3 1/44.7633.3854.5661.85011.243
2453DH3 5/164.7633.3854.5661.85011.243
2454DH3 3/85.0003.3854.5661.92912.125
2455DH3 7/165.0003.3854.6451.92912.125
2456DH3 1/25.1183.3854.6451.92912.345
2457DH3 9/165.1183.3854.6451.92912.345
2458DH3 5/85.3145.0004.6451.92917.416
2459DH3 11/165.3145.0004.6451.92917.416
2460DH3 3/45.3145.0004.6451.92917.416
2461DH3 13/165.5115.0004.9212.12518.739
2462DH3 7/85.5115.0004.9212.12518.739
2463DH3 15/165.5115.0004.9212.12518.739
2465DH4 1/165.7085.0004.9212.12519.841
2466DH4 1/85.9055.0004.9212.12520.943
2467DH4 3/165.9055.0005.3932.12522.487
2468DH4 1/45.9055.0005.3932.44022.487
2469DH4 5/166.1025.0005.3932.44022.928
2470DH4 3/86.1025.0005.3932.44022.928
2471DH4 7/166.1025.0005.3932.44022.928
2472DH4 1/26.2995.0005.3932.44025.353
2474DH4 5/86.4965.0005.6292.63726.455
2476DH4 3/46.4965.0005.7082.63726.455
2478DH4 7/86.6925.0005.7082.63726.896
2482DH5 1/87.0865.0006.2202.99232.628
2483DH5 3/167.0865.0006.2202.99232.628
2486DH5 3/87.4805.0006.2202.99236.817


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Are your tools feeling a little wear and tear? Bring them in for a calibration and a little maintenance. We also offer tool rentals but if we don't have what you are looking for ask us about our custom tool engineering where we can design tools for your exact specifications.


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