CanTorque Proud to Support Canada’s Energy Industry

CanTorque offers a very diverse range of products which work in many different industries. Experience from multiple industries has given CanTorque a very diverse range of industrial experience. The energy industry is one that CanTorque knows very well. We work from upstream to downstream and from drilling through to production. We are proud of the energy that Canada produces and innovation that it offers. CanTorque is proud to support Canada’s energy industry.

Providing CanTorque’s Made-In-Canada bolting systems to a company that also produces their equipment in Canada is extremely satisfying; especially when CanTorque wrenches are used exclusively in their processes.

This year alone our customer will assemble in excess of 100 Flow Back Trees which are used in the Fracking process. Fracking is a process where aggregate is pumped downhole to open the pores in rock to allow for more oil and gas to flow increasing the overall volume as well as the lifespan of the well.

Each tree is assembled using over 100 fasteners. 100 fasteners on 100 units = 10,000 operations. Their wrenches are running almost all the time.

Hydraulic Wrenches as well as Pneumatic Torque Wrenches (or nutrunners) are used in the assembly process. CanTorque’s Hydraulic Wrenches are extremely light weight and extremely fast. They generate incredible amounts of torque in a very small footprint therefore they are ideal for any wellhead related work.

Nutrunners are continuous turning torque wrenches that allow for rapid fastener tightening or loosening. They are impact free, extremely quiet and very accurate. Using nutrunners reduces assembly time and causes less fatigue for the operator.

This past Friday 3 of the Flow Back Trees were shipped to a customer in Northern Alberta.

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