CanTorque Race Report – February 11, 2021 – Jason Gregor Show

On this episode of the Race Report:

  • F1’s Lewis Hamilton signs a 1 year contract with Mercedes, after weeks of speculation. So what went down?
  • Pinty’s Indycar will have 12 races over 9 weeks for the 2021 season, what will the series look like this time around?
  • NASCAR kicks off in Daytona, Colin chats about potential focus drivers and predictions for the season.
  • Fernando Alonso hospitalized after being hit while riding his bicycle in Switzerland, affecting his expected return to the F1 2021 season.
  • When drivers face personal challenges, who on the team helps to give direction to bring the driver back onto the pavement?
  • Colin chats about what has improved NASCAR, and what has changed? Is it always for the better?

Check out the Race Report with CanTorque’s Colin Livingston for February 11, 2021 on the Jason Gregor Show 18:55