CanTorque Race Report – January 28, 2021 – Jason Gregor Show

On this episode of the Race Report:

  • Bell Let’s Talk Day, Colin chats about mental health in the racing world. What are the expectations with the world of motorsports and mental health, and healthy racing? What do the race officials do to help drivers and their teams?
  • Indycar coverage still not confirmed for the 2021 season, how will die hard racing fans watch their races this year?
  • Indycar driver James Hinchcliffe returns to Andretti Motorsports this season.
  • Racing 101, Stock Car Racing and the oval. Colin chats about the changing interest in racing viewership and participation. Where can you find more drivers?
  • With many local tracks all over the province of Alberta, do different tracks work better for different vehicles? What makes the track unique?