Weldon M.

I want to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with CanTorque and Colin Livingston. We began dealing with CanTorque on a refinery construction project at the Shell Scottford refinery in 2002 and have worked exclusively with them ever since. Colin made multiple trips to site over 10 months to deal directly with the workers and supervisors in the field, conduct periodic maintenance and conduct refresher courses for all workers. The tools that CanTorque supplied were the most user-friendly hydraulic wrenches we’ve used.

We had up to 8 systems running on-site for the majority of the construction phase with little or no downtime. CanTorque’s hands-on service was a great benefit to ensure that the tools were being used safely and efficiently and that our department stayed on schedule. Due to the fact that this was such a large project, Colin’s on site assistance throughout the term of our rental and specifically in assisting us in demobilizing was a great help. I would highly recommend CanTorque’s products and services.