Tools for Dywidag and All Threaded Fasteners

“Problem Solved” has been our company slogan for many years. It’s truly the foundation on which CanTorque is built. We are known mostly for our work within the Industrial Sector but we also have considerable experience in “non-conventional” applications. Last week we were contacted by a customer that was struggling to find a tooling solution for some Dywidag threaded fasteners.

The customer was immediately impressed that we knew what a Dywidag fastener was from looking at a picture that they sent us. “I’ve spoken to half a dozen companies and you’re the first to know what we’re working on”.

The open design of our RT series hydraulic wrench allows to fit the wrench on virtually any length of fastener which made the assembly of these stone art structures simple.

It’s our beleif that we don’t manufacture our components, we sculpt them. That means that the tools exist in the block of material, we simply remove everything that isn’t part of the wrench. Here, art meets art.

RT-2 being used to fasten sculpture in Louise McKinny Park here in Edmonton IMG_2240

Keep CanTorque in mind the next time that you have something, anything to tighten or loosen.