VX-M Manual
Torque Multiplier

About the VX-M Manual Torque Multiplier


  • Ideal for use with no external power supply
  • Suitable for all industrial requirements
  • Easy to handle
  • Minimal dimensions
  • Effortless loosening of bolts
  • Only requires a small amount of force
  • Height adjustable reaction arm
  • Reversing safety mechanism


  • Models range from 162 Lbf/ft (220 Nm) to 6340 Lbf/ft (8600 Nm)
  • ¾” input drive
  • Include standard reaction arm

Technical Data

VX-M Model Series Sizes and Specifications (Imperial)

MODELOutput driveTorque (Lbf/ft)Dimension (inch) - (H)Dimension (inch) - (D)Gear ratioWeight (lbs)
VX-M-29501 1/2"415-29509.373.741:1113.44
VX-M-45701 1/2"605-45709.64.481:1518.51
VX-M-50151 1/2"722-501511.885.031:1725.13
VX-M-63401 1/2"1312-634011.816.771:3248.06

VX-M Model Series Sizes and Specifications (Metric)

MODELOutput driveTorque (Nm)Dimension (mm) - (H)Dimension (mm) - (D)Gear ratioWeight (kg)
VX-M-29501 1/2"560-4000238951:116.1
VX-M-45701 1/2"820-62002441141:158.4
VX-M-50151 1/2"980-68003021281:1711.4
VX-M-63401 1/2"1780-86003001721:3221.8


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