Are Custom Tools Worth Considering?

Tools are required in any industry at some point. Whether it is an unexpected repair or planned equipment maintenance, tools are essential. If your process or application cannot afford anything more than scheduled downtime you should consider custom tools. 

Keep reading to find out why custom tools are worth investing time and capital. 


Standard tools work well in most situations. Custom tools are designed specifically for certain jobs or customer requirements. We are able to take multiple factors into consideration like size, speed or weight. Tools will work exactly as designed and will accomplish what you establish as goals.

Highest Quality 

Custom designing tools allows us to consider variety of materials. This could mean selecting a lighter material to make things easier for operators or maybe considering more exotic materials that will allow your tools to last longer in extreme conditions. You will be consulted from concept to completion to ensure that your design specific criteria are met or exceeded


Perhaps you already have tools but find that they don’t get the job done the way you need them to. Or, maybe it takes too long to use certain tools. We can use your existing tools as a benchmark and work to make new tools easier to use and more practical. In some cases we we can even modify existing tools. 

Endless Variety 

There are very few restrictions when it comes to manufacturing customized tools. Our team at CanTorque has a lifetime of experience that is at your disposal to help overcome any job specific challenges you have. From something as simple to a custom accessory that will help your standard tool feel customized to an entire system we are always here to help.

If you are interested in custom tooling options, contact CanTorque and we will be happy to work with you to help achieve your goals.